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Dr. John Palmer brings over 10 years’ experience in chiropractic and healthcare to our practice. A graduate of Life Chiropractic College, he’s passionate about giving patients the tools to manage their own wellness every day. He studied advanced chiropractic techniques while working in Iceland, and he is committed to bringing chiropractic treatment to underserved communities around the world, regularly doing mission work in Dominican Republic, Haiti, India and Iceland.



Dr. Belinda Palmer is a graduate of Life Chiropractic College with a focus on lifestyle education. As a passionate advocate of whole-body healthcare, her goal is to work with patients to move beyond treating symptoms and address the underlying causes for illness. She has developed her practice serving internationally in clinics in Dominican Republic and India, and she specializes in pregnancy and infant chiropractic treatment.

DR. Ray Knorr


Dr. Ray Knorr, a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Life Chiropractic College, has over 8 years of experience under his belt working in the natural health industry. He has done mission work in Haiti, and loves working with children (he’s Webster certified!). He’s married and has two kids of his own, and his hobbies include wilderness exploring and white water canoeing. He’s always been interested in taking care of patients, and chiropractic is the avenue he’s found that aligns best with his philosophy on health. He is extremely passionate about his line of work and the well being of his patients. Dr. Ray is not only a kind, experienced, and intelligent being, but also sets a high standard of health to those around him. He is an excellent role model, and a fantastic addition to our team here at Friends and Family Health Centers.


Chiropractic Care

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Improve the function of individual
muscles and the overall working of the body as a whole.

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Develop a plan to give your body
the right balance of nutrients to fight infection and keep you healthy.

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