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Chiropractic Care – A Natural Approach to Wellness

Often, many people dealing with backaches, headaches, and/or joint pains, etc. put off addressing these issues until the pain becomes unbearable. Then they may seek a quick fix such as anti-inflammatories, pain medications, etc. The reason many opt for these quick fixes is primarily because they don’t truly appreciate the benefit of chiropractic care, or … Continue reading “Chiropractic Care – A Natural Approach to Wellness”

Friends & Family Health Centers – An Overview

“Health is a measure of how well all the different elements of your body and mind are working, both together and independently.” – Dr. John Palmer, chiropractor, Friends & Family Health Centers Over the past seven years, our synergistic blend of chiropractic, muscular work, and functional nutrition has helped thousands of Birmingham, Alabama, residents transform … Continue reading “Friends & Family Health Centers – An Overview”


The thyroid not only affects your weight management but also your cardiovascular system, your brain, your digestive system, your liver, your pancreas, your skin and so many other organs and systems. To support your thyroid function naturally increase your intake of vegetables, Brazil nuts (for selenium), sea vegetables (such as nori), and chlorophyll and decrease … Continue reading “Thyroid”