Eliminate Dairy, Gluten and Processed Foods

By eliminating each of these from your diet one at a time, you will see how your body feels without them. For example, if you remove gluten from your diet for 3-4 weeks and then add it back, you will notice how it makes you feel. If you’ve ever given up caffeine for a while, you’ll notice that when you drink caffeine again the effects seem stronger. The effects of caffeine haven’t really gotten stronger, but your body notices them more because it’s been without caffeine for so long. If you do this test with dairy, gluten, and processed foods, you will see how they really make you feel.

We have gotten so used to eating these things that we don’t always notice how they make us feel. When we remove them for a while we notice how good we feel once they are out of our system. If you notice that you feel extremely bad after adding one or more of these things back to your diet you may be intolerant of them. Many people discover after trying this that they were sensitive to dairy or gluten all along and didn’t know it. If you feel like you lack energy, are bloated or have trouble with your digestion, try this method to see if something in your diet might be the cause.

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